do I want to be a pirate?

I have recently read a paragraph to persuade me to become a Pirate, In this Blog Post, I will be sharing my opinion on whether or not I would like to be a Pirate.

Firstly, I would never want to be a Pirate because in the paragraph it states that some people think that Pirates are DISGUSTING. I clearly am one of those. There are always pros and cons. I guess everybody has a different opinion.

Second, I dislike being in the water for too long it makes me feel very weird. I dislike extremely warm weather. I am not a person who enjoys boat rides they freak me out like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.  Nope definitely not a boat person which presumably makes me not a Pirate.

lastly, Have you seen their fashion???? I hate it. Stripy T-shirts? cut shorts? gold hoop earrings in one ear? Blecchhhh lumpy beanies? well, I never would be a Pirate if I had to wear that.

thank you for reading this                                                                                                                     for reading this please comment if you would like to be a Pirate




One thought on “do I want to be a pirate?

  1. So well argued, Kayla. I agree with your viewpoint on being a pirate. I wondering what clothes you would select if you were designing a pirate outfit? I’m pretty sure that you would dress a pirate way better than they usually dress! Thanks for an interesting article.Loved it!

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