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Hi I’m going to be talking about Pusheen 

Pusheen list 

name Pusheen 

sex female 

birthday February 18

favourite food all of them

hobbies internet & sleep

here’s a cute pic .

Pusheen’s family 

she has a mom a dad her aaaaaand her

sister Stormy & her brother .


She loves holidays like Halloween 🎃 And Christmas 🎄 .she likes spending time with her family 🙂.did you know Pusheen is a word in irish ☘️ that means kitten?Pusheen loves summer she loves the beach 🏖 she is a great surfer.she loves fall Halloween 👻 jumping in the leaves 🍁 that that R some photos Halloween.XCristmas.summer.Fall



Pusheen love’s,mostly junk food 🍩.

when U don’t feed her she’ll get reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaly

MAD if you wanna see her mad here’s a photo she wants food.

her favourite moustache is a BUTT STACHE.this is a buttstache


she’s soooooooooooooooo cute 

you can’t even resist her

that chubby tubby cat can 

get away with almost 

anything !


I have a few Pusheen stuffed animals I also have 

a Pusheen poster & book 📖 bye and thank you for reading

the blog post please leave me a comment on my blog post 

bye and thanks🥀




What a great post! I learned so much about Pusheen.