Public Speaking #2

Hello, y’all what is up this is my public speaking from 2023, (just so you know my speech is about oceans.



Did you know that the ocean covers 71 percent of the earth’s surface? Pause for 2. Now you’re probably thinking, Kayla can you be a little more pacific? No, I am being as specific as I can be. I will wow you with crazy creatures, trash islands, and last but not least the awesomely awesome ocean areas. Let’s dive in a little deeper to learn more about the OCEAN.

Point 1

When I say the word ocean you probably think of crab, fish, dolphin, shark, octopus, seahorse, seal, walrus, narwhal ETC.ETC.but I know some creatures that you have probably never heard of like a Vaquita. Vaquita’s are also called Phocoena sinus. Vaquitas are only found in the Gulf of California in Baja California, Mexico. These species are extremely endangered and very rare.Pause for 2. To give you an image, Vaquitas look like a small dolphin. Now I have another one you have probably never heard of and it’s called a Pacific footballfish, kind of a funny name and before you ask NO it is not a fish that plays football. It is just a fish that resembles a football in shape and size. If you did not already guess the Pacific football fish is located in the Pacific Ocean.Which is the ocean that has the most trash. That brings us to the next point.


Point 2

Let’s explore how much trash gets dumped into the ocean per year.A calculated 8 Million tons of plastic enter our oceans every year. Pause for 3 shocked expressions. There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris estimated to be in our oceans. That could fit two hundred ninety-one billion six hundred sixty-six million six hundred sixty-six thousand six hundred sixty-seven humans. There is so much trash in our oceans I don’t even know where to start. Did you know that there are actually 5 TRASH ISLANDS IN OUR OCEANS!!!! Garbage patches or trash islands are large areas of the ocean where litter, fishing gear, and other debris known as marine debris – collects. They are formed by rotating ocean currents called “gyres.” You can think of them as big whirlpools that pull objects in. There is one in the Indian Ocean, two in the Atlantic Ocean, and two in the Pacific Ocean. The most commonly known trash island is in the Pacific Ocean. It is called the GREAT PACIFIC GARBAGE PATCH. I’m pretty sure you have heard about this one if not you learn something new every day. How do these trash islands affect our world? Well, Trash islands like loose trash pollute our oceans but if a pod of whales comes by a trash island they could get seriously injured. Please use the 3 R’s Reduce Reuse Recycle and save our oceans!


Point 3

We live in Ottawa. We are not even touching one of the 5 oceans but if we lived in Nova Scotia we would be touching the Atlantic Ocean, if we lived in California we would be touching the Pacific Ocean. Here are a few fun facts about the Oceans. Number one, The Arctic Ocean. Which places does the Arctic Ocean touch? The Arctic Ocean touches Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Russia, and the United States. Now you’re probably asking what about the other oceans. Well, let’s talk about the Atlantic Ocean, which places does the Atlantic Ocean touch? Bahamas, Belize, Bermuda, Canada, Costa Rica, Greenland (DEN), Guatemala, and Honduras. Those are only the places in North and Central America. Time for the Indian Ocean! Which places does it touch? Here is your answer which is slightly shorter than the last one. It touches South Asia, the Middle East, the Eastern Coast of Africa, and the islands dotting the ocean from Sri Lanka in the east to the Comoros archipelago in the west. What about the Pacific Ocean? Let’s name some more places. Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Pretty similar to the Atlantic. Last but not least we have the Southern Ocean. Which countries does it touch? Just a few countries and the lucky countries are Australia, Chile, and South Africa.



Now that you have raised your head above the surface and learned about some of the Craziest creatures in the ocean, The terrible trash islands in the oceans, And some of the countries that touch the ocean. You have the ability to impress all humans with your brainpower. because you listened to this speech about oceans. If you were not then shame on you. I hope you enjoyed listening to my speech, thank you.


Thanks for reading




french project

Titre- Ma Journée Typique


A la fin de notre unité sur Une journée Typique dans la classe de français, Madame Sylvie nous a demandé de faire un projet pour démontrer ce que nous avions appris. J’ai choisi CANVA pour montrer les activités que je fais dans une journée typique comme dimanche. Nous devions aussi utiliser l’horloge de 24 heures pour indiquer à quelle heure on faisait chaque activité. Après, nous avons présenté notre projet à la classe. Madame sylvie a déclaré qu’il s’agissait de l’un des meilleurs projets qu’elle ait jamais vus

Cliquer sur le lien pour visionner  mon projet!


Innovation day!

Hello Besties!!!

Now I know what your thinking, not another science post! So I’m saying right back YES ANOTHER SCIENCE POST!!!

Here is a photo!
And the best part is that the lights really light up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A water turbine is used to convert the energy contained in water, potential energy, or kinetic energy into mechanical or electrical energy. There are two types of water turbines, the reaction water turbine, and the impulse water turbine. The most significant difference between an impulse turbine and a reaction turbine is that the impulse turbine uses only the kinetic energy of water to rotate its runner, while the reaction turbine uses both the pressure and kinetic energy of water to spin the turbine. A reaction turbine generates power from the combined forces of pressure and moving water. A runner is placed directly in the water stream, allowing water to flow over the blades rather than hitting each individually. An impulse turbine generally uses the velocity of the water to move the runner and discharges at atmospheric pressure. A water stream hits each bucket on the runner. With no suction on the downside of the turbine, the water flows out the bottom of the turbine housing after hitting the runner. Potential energy means that the water flow has the potential of doing something. kinetic energy is the moving energy. The reaction water turbine is sealed whereas the impulse turbine is not.

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whats the matter in our world

hey, what’s up I am going to show you my science project!


Copy of Melting ice caps in Canada and all around the north pole by saturn


1 Semester Hebrew

Hi!!! It’s SATURN I am back with my first semester Hebrew work so the first one that I did was an all-about-me project to get my classmates and me to know more about each is an example slide.
                                                      now here is a picture of the store project i did with kitty stars on a store for vocabulary

                                                                   THANK U

public speaking

Ughhhhh school is so boring.I mean the teachers make us do work when the classroom alphabet only has 25 letters(pause for 3 ) we don’t know Y.


Hello everybody(pause for 3 ) I’m Saturn and i’m going to talk about what would happen if kids ran the school. If kids ran the school it would be unlimited and REAL choice time, we would build our own schedules to fit our passions and personalities


Point .1 Math – No! Hebrew-a definite no! Science – YES! 

If kids ran the school they would be able to choose only the subjects they want! It would be a year-long passion project!(pause for 3 ) Teachers are always saying that we get ‘choice time’ but this would be a literal choice time! Did you know that 80% of kids would be more focused in school if they didn’t have to ENDURE long lessons of boring nonsense!? My school would have a day like this once or twice a you would be safe from endless boredom.


Point2. I think that if kids ran schools we would have an all day recess complete with an outdoor trampoline park and a free pizza and ice cream area! We would have a food fight after lunch with all the food that we didn’t like. Then we would do a scavenger hunt and the best part would be NO HOMEWORK!!! ya teachers kids have stuff to do to it’s not all homework. Kids would have free evenings to do whatever they want. Did you know that children’s mental health improved by 37% when homework was removed from school? 

Point.3 – real life learning experiences 

Imagine your dream is to become an olympian. As part of school you could have a field trip choice so you could choose anywhere in the world to go you could go see the olympics live and me and the Olympians too. If the place didn’t exist there would be fully programmed VR setup so you could truly go anywhere.

Conclusion (hand out piece of paper)

 Now can everybody please sign this petition if you think that students should be able to elect a child, who they think will do a great job to be principal for the day. This would happen once a year and make a lifetime of difference for all students!so don’t stop beleving you can run a school follow your dream(pause for 3 ) unless your dream is stupid then dream something else.Thank you 



Innovation day

hi, I am Saturn🪐 welcome or welcome back to my blog😛 today I’m writing about my science project.

Innovation day is otherwise  known as S.T.E.A.M fair,

S.T.E.A.M fair stands for Science Technology Engineering Arts Math. For my project, I am creating a medieval castle including a Working pulley, a Working gear system as well as the castle being a strong structure.

Background information of medieval times.

Feudalism was a scene of lawful and military customs in medieval Europe that thrived between the 9th and 15th centuries. It can be  explained as a system for structuring society around relationships originating from the holding of land, known as a fiefdom or fief, in exchange for service or labor.

LORDS, if you lived in medieval times your life followed some specific paths, if you were the child of a King and Queen or a lady and lord, you would have a privileged life with lots of food to eat and clothes to wear. you’d live in a lovely house. You also had servants many of them.children of a lord or a lady would occasionally learn to read or wright mostly boys but girls arent impossible.

SERFS, Serf is another word for farmer. serfs lived In poverty during the middle ages they were the poorest of the peasant class. You could say somewhat a slave. The serfs were owned by whichever lord ruled that area. In exchange for a place to live, serfs worked the land to grow crops for themselves and their lord. Also, serfs were meant and expected to grow crops for their lord and pay their rent.



Here is a picture of my ideation stage (where I planned what I wanted my castle and drawbridge to look like)


(Write or record how you build your castle and drawbridge)

Final result video:

Self-reflecting conclusions:

  • I think that if  I would do this again I would have …
  • made a gear system
  • made better functioning drawbridges

and put kittens in it (i love cats|~_~|

Have a nice day


do I want to be a pirate?

I have recently read a paragraph to persuade me to become a Pirate, In this Blog Post, I will be sharing my opinion on whether or not I would like to be a Pirate.

Firstly, I would never want to be a Pirate because in the paragraph it states that some people think that Pirates are DISGUSTING. I clearly am one of those. There are always pros and cons. I guess everybody has a different opinion.

Second, I dislike being in the water for too long it makes me feel very weird. I dislike extremely warm weather. I am not a person who enjoys boat rides they freak me out like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.  Nope definitely not a boat person which presumably makes me not a Pirate.

lastly, Have you seen their fashion???? I hate it. Stripy T-shirts? cut shorts? gold hoop earrings in one ear? Blecchhhh lumpy beanies? well, I never would be a Pirate if I had to wear that.

thank you for reading this                                                                                                                     for reading this please comment if you would like to be a Pirate




Why all families should have pets (persuasive writing)

Why all families should have pets.

All animals need a home some must spend all their life wanting a home but not getting one so if you feel bad to get a pet for responsibility friendship and guidance for life so help our environment by getting a pet today.

Reason 1:freindship 

Are you lonely? You should have a pet that cares about you. you take care of them .they can keep you company. if you do something wrong they don’t care. you can be a lot healthier with a pet for company. they understand you like nobody else. When you feel upset they make you feel better. if you bond with your pet they can save your life many dogs have saved people’s lives. there are police dogs guide dogs they help the community be better.



Reason 2. Responsibility

It is very important to have a responsibility therefore you should have a pet. studies show that having a pet increases your energy level by a lot. You should have a pet because it will make you responsible. You will have to feed it give it water and most importantly love but that is a small part of the responsibilities that come with having a pet if it is a kitten or puppy you have to play with it if a dog walks it and make sure all pets of any kind or breed are housebroken you can train it and teach it tricks so you truly must have a pet.


Reason 3 Guidance.

You and your family must be protected is a very important matter. But if you are concerned about your safety get a pet. If there is an intruder they will alert you. That will give you a pet for service and love. they would make you safe and they will always be at your aid. did you know that many cats and dogs have saved people’s lives so be a good person and get a pet today!!!!!!!!!.



Pets will live longer with your love, if you want a pet and can have a pet get a pet. If you have a pet, it is good for you.

So if you need guidance, build your responsibilities skills and have a friend for life… You need a pet!


Tidal pools

Hello, my name is Saturn today I will be talking about tidal pools 

Sea areas are different everywhere. they can be sandy muddy or even covered in tropical coral and sometimes icy. Many have cliffs or reefs.


Tides assemble tidal pools by filling holes in the coast with tidal pools are identical, they all are unique each has its own climate. The plants and animals that populate the tidal pools are comprehended as survivors, they take the risk of being left on the dry cliffs, the saltines’ temperature and oxygen can change in a flash.


Tidal pools on high ridges or at the top of a beach only fill up when there are storms floods or very high tides. Some get water from flying surf. These tidal pools are in the area called the splash zone, these pools dry out and commonly lose saltiness.


How do these creatures survive while these areas are so dangerous? Some go into tiny rock shelters. where it is damp and dark. Others hide in blobs of wet seaweed. Animals come out at night when it is completely moist and cold-ish.


Listen to the tide making noise slopping and sucking, crashing on rocky shores. Fierce currents, many animals and plants barely survive in there all of them have strong anchors.


Nelson literacy

Thank you for reading Saturn