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Ughhhhh school is so boring.I mean the teachers make us do work when the classroom alphabet only has 25 letters(pause for 3 ) we don’t know Y.


Hello everybody(pause for 3 ) I’m Saturn and i’m going to talk about what would happen if kids ran the school. If kids ran the school it would be unlimited and REAL choice time, we would build our own schedules to fit our passions and personalities


Point .1 Math – No! Hebrew-a definite no! Science – YES! 

If kids ran the school they would be able to choose only the subjects they want! It would be a year-long passion project!(pause for 3 ) Teachers are always saying that we get ‘choice time’ but this would be a literal choice time! Did you know that 80% of kids would be more focused in school if they didn’t have to ENDURE long lessons of boring nonsense!? My school would have a day like this once or twice a you would be safe from endless boredom.


Point2. I think that if kids ran schools we would have an all day recess complete with an outdoor trampoline park and a free pizza and ice cream area! We would have a food fight after lunch with all the food that we didn’t like. Then we would do a scavenger hunt and the best part would be NO HOMEWORK!!! ya teachers kids have stuff to do to it’s not all homework. Kids would have free evenings to do whatever they want. Did you know that children’s mental health improved by 37% when homework was removed from school? 

Point.3 – real life learning experiences 

Imagine your dream is to become an olympian. As part of school you could have a field trip choice so you could choose anywhere in the world to go you could go see the olympics live and me and the Olympians too. If the place didn’t exist there would be fully programmed VR setup so you could truly go anywhere.

Conclusion (hand out piece of paper)

 Now can everybody please sign this petition if you think that students should be able to elect a child, who they think will do a great job to be principal for the day. This would happen once a year and make a lifetime of difference for all students!so don’t stop beleving you can run a school follow your dream(pause for 3 ) unless your dream is stupid then dream something else.Thank you 


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  1. I am so glad you posted this, Kayla. I can see why you did so well in the public speaking contest. This is clearly written and has solid, logical arguments. I was very interested in your statistics about the relationship between mental health and homework. I very much liked your opening and closing statements too. Mazel Tov! Well done!

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