Why all families should have pets (persuasive writing)

Why all families should have pets.

All animals need a home some must spend all their life wanting a home but not getting one so if you feel bad to get a pet for responsibility friendship and guidance for life so help our environment by getting a pet today.

Reason 1:freindship 

Are you lonely? You should have a pet that cares about you. you take care of them .they can keep you company. if you do something wrong they don’t care. you can be a lot healthier with a pet for company. they understand you like nobody else. When you feel upset they make you feel better. if you bond with your pet they can save your life many dogs have saved people’s lives. there are police dogs guide dogs they help the community be better.



Reason 2. Responsibility

It is very important to have a responsibility therefore you should have a pet. studies show that having a pet increases your energy level by a lot. You should have a pet because it will make you responsible. You will have to feed it give it water and most importantly love but that is a small part of the responsibilities that come with having a pet if it is a kitten or puppy you have to play with it if a dog walks it and make sure all pets of any kind or breed are housebroken you can train it and teach it tricks so you truly must have a pet.


Reason 3 Guidance.

You and your family must be protected is a very important matter. But if you are concerned about your safety get a pet. If there is an intruder they will alert you. That will give you a pet for service and love. they would make you safe and they will always be at your aid. did you know that many cats and dogs have saved people’s lives so be a good person and get a pet today!!!!!!!!!.



Pets will live longer with your love, if you want a pet and can have a pet get a pet. If you have a pet, it is good for you.

So if you need guidance, build your responsibilities skills and have a friend for life… You need a pet!


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  1. What a wonderful piece of writing you have done to try to convince people to have a pet. There are so many pets that need good homes and so many people that are living on their own and lonely. I hope that lots of people read this and take your advice!
    Thank you for writing this,

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