The human body

Genes 🧬 

Genes are the part of your body that can do many things.

In your genes u have a part from both your parents and a part is only u.

Your genes make u who u are. Also your genes can track family members.

Girls have 2 X chromosomes and boys have 1 X chromosome and 1 y chromosome.


The brain 🧠 

The brain is very important.

It sends all the movements to your body also it teaches u how to speak read and many other things. Also it has your memory. During your sleep the brain keeps all the information you need and discards bits and pieces.


The 5 senses 2.smell 3.feel 4.hearing 5.taste

The veins r also important they help circulate the blood to your heart ♥️ which pumps blood throughout your body.

Your body temperature 

The temperature of your body should be 98.6

If you don’t have a fever


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  1. Thanks for all of this cool information about the human body. We are such complex and beautiful creatures and it is amazing to learn about the different systems we have inside ourselves.

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