The human body

Genes 🧬 

Genes are the part of your body that can do many things.

In your genes u have a part from both your parents and a part is only u.

Your genes make u who u are. Also your genes can track family members.

Girls have 2 X chromosomes and boys have 1 X chromosome and 1 y chromosome.


The brain 🧠 

The brain is very important.

It sends all the movements to your body also it teaches u how to speak read and many other things. Also it has your memory. During your sleep the brain keeps all the information you need and discards bits and pieces.


The 5 senses 2.smell 3.feel 4.hearing 5.taste

The veins r also important they help circulate the blood to your heart ♥️ which pumps blood throughout your body.

Your body temperature 

The temperature of your body should be 98.6

If you don’t have a fever