Innovation day

hi, I am Saturn🪐 welcome or welcome back to my blog😛 today I’m writing about my science project.

Innovation day is otherwise  known as S.T.E.A.M fair,

S.T.E.A.M fair stands for Science Technology Engineering Arts Math. For my project, I am creating a medieval castle including a Working pulley, a Working gear system as well as the castle being a strong structure.

Background information of medieval times.

Feudalism was a scene of lawful and military customs in medieval Europe that thrived between the 9th and 15th centuries. It can be  explained as a system for structuring society around relationships originating from the holding of land, known as a fiefdom or fief, in exchange for service or labor.

LORDS, if you lived in medieval times your life followed some specific paths, if you were the child of a King and Queen or a lady and lord, you would have a privileged life with lots of food to eat and clothes to wear. you’d live in a lovely house. You also had servants many of them.children of a lord or a lady would occasionally learn to read or wright mostly boys but girls arent impossible.

SERFS, Serf is another word for farmer. serfs lived In poverty during the middle ages they were the poorest of the peasant class. You could say somewhat a slave. The serfs were owned by whichever lord ruled that area. In exchange for a place to live, serfs worked the land to grow crops for themselves and their lord. Also, serfs were meant and expected to grow crops for their lord and pay their rent.



Here is a picture of my ideation stage (where I planned what I wanted my castle and drawbridge to look like)


(Write or record how you build your castle and drawbridge)

Final result video:

Self-reflecting conclusions:

  • I think that if  I would do this again I would have …
  • made a gear system
  • made better functioning drawbridges

and put kittens in it (i love cats|~_~|

Have a nice day



  1. hi Kayla
    Congratulations on the project! I hope I can see the video that you made.

  2. Beautiful castle, Kayla. The twist to open drawbridge works very well. The stable is a fascinating inclusion. Do you know if horses would have been housed in the castle in real medieval times?

  3. I really enjoyed your presentation this morning, Kayla. Grumps did too. I liked the design of the castle and the furniture you put in it. I definitely think that you could have a kitten in the castle. I think there were often dogs and cats in castles. Several of Grump’s grandparents or his grandparents brothers and sisters were servants in “great houses” and one painted the crests on the carriages of rich people, but I don’t know if any of them worked in a castle, they might have.
    Thank you for a really interesting presentation! You must have worked very hard.

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